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Tablet Medicine 80mg (Cats > 4kg)

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Complete treatment guide


Quantity: 10 tablets per bottle (ready to use)

Concentration: 80mg/tablet

(For locations outside Klang Valley, delivery will be done via courier)


Treatment guide

The dosage used is based on weight of FIP cat:

80mg FIP Tablet
1/4 tablet per 1kg per day

Please do not reduce the dosage if the cat's weight reduces during treatment

You may purchase a tablet cutter to precisely cut the tablet


Suitable for all FIP cats that are active, good appetite, no vomiting & diarrhoea

Not suitable for cats with inappetence, ongoing ascites, neurological or ocular symptoms

Route of administration 

Oral route (every 24 hours)

Please make sure the cat takes in the required tablet

Please make sure the cat does not vomit within 30 minutes after feeding

Treatment Period

The recommended treatment period is 84 days (12 weeks)

A full panel blood test is recommended every 30 days of treatment