KiseNeko vs other brands (BasmiFIP, Oscar, NuLife, etc.)

We have received messages from many vets and cat owners asking about the difference between our brand (Kiseneko) and others such as BasmiFIP, Oscar or Nulife. We wrote this post to address the question, and so that you can be informed about the similarities and differences.


The drug that is currently used by our brand and other brands globally to treat FIP in cats is the same. It is known as GS441524 which functions to stop the replication of FIP virus in the body of the cat [by adding nonsense adenine nucleoside into the chain], which eventually reduces and eliminates all the FIP virus in the body of the cat. Thus, there is no problem for patients that are using other brands to change to ours and vice versa, provided that the injection dose is adjusted & calculated correctly based on the type of FIP, weight of cat, and vial concentration (read this article).

Treatment regimen and efficacy of all GS441524 is the same. Efficacy of GS441524 is approximately at 90%. Treatment is via minimum of 84 days of subcutaneous injection (or oral) + 3 months of observation period. Dose needs to be increased based on weight increment during the treatment (Cat must be weighed at least once a week). Dose must be maintained as it is if weight reduces (read our treatment guide).

Medication and procedures to avoid during FIP treatment: Antibiotics from Fluoroquinolone class, Spot on Flea medication, Lysine, Immune booster, vaccination and any non-emergency procedures/surgery.


Many ask why is KiseNeko cheaper?

GS441524 medicine itself is expensive, yet it is not as expensive as it is marketed it to be. In fact, if research is done, you will find out that the price of BasmiFIP in other countries or via Kitafund is only half of what they are currently selling in Malaysia. The lack of competition has allowed those brands to monopolise the market and set the price extremely high, knowing that helpless cat owners have no choice but to take GS441524 medicine for the sake of saving their cats.

We decided to provide this medicine at the most fair and competitive price as our main goal is to ultimately make it available for cat owners to save their cats in these unfortunate circumstances.

We have tested our medicine with University Malaya and is issued with a concentration report (find the report here)

Last but not least, who are we?!

We are cat owners (with FIP cat) well versed with FIP treatment, also with the help of several doctors and FIP Warriors, we want to provide cats parents with affordable treatment for their FIP furkid. 

In order to succeed, we will need your help to let more cat owners and veterinarians know about the options they can have other than the highly profit oriented brands. We hope to work with you in the near future!

KiseNeko Team